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Clown/Old Man:(Tenor)  The Kingdom Jester before it split in two. Trusted advisor to both King Beckus and King Neilio. Cunning and skillful his intelligence is matched only by his wit.


King Neilio: (Tenor/Bari) King of his portion of the old Kingdom. Father of  Prince Aaron and brother of King Beckus. Shrewd and ambitious, his sights are on both Queen Aluis and his brother’s kingdom.


King Beckus:(Tenor/Bari)  Ruler of his portion of the old kingdom and elder brother of King Neilio. King Beckus is simple, plain, and stoutly handsome. He desires only his kingdom and his queen.


Queen Aluis: (Alto/Sop)  Wife and Queen to Beckus. Crafty, shrewd, devious, and wicked Aluis thinks only of herself and her position in life. She desires security above all else.


Prince Aaron:(Tenor)  Son of King Neilio and Captain of the Army. He is strong and resolute. He seeks an end to the conflict and the love of one of Queen Aluis’ handmaids.


Maiden Jess: (Soprano)  A handmaid to Queen Aluis and the romantic focus of Prince Aaron.


Sir Robert:  A long-time Palace guard. (Player)


Spy 1:  A Beckean Spy (Player)

Spy 2:  A Neilean Spy (Player)

(+) 14 Additional Players



Way Back When Musical picture of the Clown and Prince

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Way Back When picture of the King and son
Way Back When picture of Prince and maid
Way Back When musical picture of a spy
Way Back When picture of Clown and a maid

Time: Around 1525 in a kingdom long since forgotten.

Place: The Kingdoms of Beckus and Neilio Pollis

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